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Influenced by legends such as Erykah Badu, Tyler, the Creator, Andre 3000, and Biggie, DariusThaSagittarius plays up his musical versatility by balancing the old-school style of conscious messages with a new, bass-heavy trap sound.

DariusThaSagittarius, or “DTS,” has performed for the likes of Bone Thugz N Harmony, YFN Lucci, and TisaKorean. He’s also made multiple appearances at the SXSW Music festival since 2018. Furthermore, his music was nominated by Louisiana State University for an NAACP Image award.


His love of music began at the age of 5 when he started taking lessons for both piano and guitar. By the age of 11, he was writing his own songs and would eventually find his true talent playing the saxophone at age 13. As the years passed, DTS would later trade his sheet music for a playbook, focusing his efforts largely on football in hopes of going D1. But that didn't happen. Darius sites this as a depressing period in his life, finding it difficult to accept that he never obtained a goal he so eagerly strived for. With his longtime friend and teammate Tyrell “Magic Rell” Gabriel in the same boat, the two began making music in their free time after school.

This eventually led to DariusThaSagittarius and Magic Rell co-founding the Houston based hip-hop collective HOUliGANZ in 2016. The group would go on to release their debut mixtape, HOUliGANZ Vol.1, in January of 2018. It includes their stand out singles “When Tha Time’s Right” and “Come N’ Geaux”HOUliGANZ is a paradoxical acronym for “Hatin On Us Like It’s Gon Affect Niggaz.” an attitude attributed to the scrutiny of society on African-Americans everywhere. As we all know, society often places great stigma upon young people of color. HOUliGANZ serves as a safe space for young black creatives to grow and inspire each other, free of judgment and oppression.


Fascinated by the allure of astrology and world religions, DariusThaSagittarius challenges his supporters to expand their consciousness beyond societal norms.


 “Understand your thoughts are more than some whimsical passing idea. They can be manifested into realities if you put in the effort.”                                                                                                    -DariusThaSagittarius 

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